RY30MK PRO 30 Gallon Crack Sealer Melter Oven


The RY30MK-PRO is the world’s first 30-gallon Direct Fired Crack Fill Melter Kettle engineered with dual burners for ultra fast melting of crack sealer. This unit is for crack sealing professionals working on bigger jobs looking for a way to increase efficiency and profitability.

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The RY30MK Pro V2 is the most efficient crack filler melter kettle in it’s class. Contractors serious about saving time, and being as efficient as possible this is the machine for you! Spend less time waiting for material to melt, and focus on the metric that makes you more money feet of crack fill applied per hour.

Award Winning Productivity

Up to 50% Faster melting of crack sealant when compared to torch fired models! Melt and apply up to 9660 ft of crack sealant / day. The twin sealed burner system consume close to 50% less than torch fired machines. The RY30 MK Pro is the fastest, most efficient unit on the market today.

RY30MK Pro V2 Crack Fill Kettle Melter Features​
  • Convenient Push Button Start.
  • 100,000 BTU Sealed dual halo burners are protected from the elements and  eliminates flame outs that are common in torch fired models.
  • Glycerin thermometer for accurate temperature readings. The thermometer is resistant to damage from vibration while using machine.
  • Equipped with strainer to prevent clogs that can be caused by un-melted pieces.
  •  2″ Molasses Valve for fast, easy method of dispensing melted crack sealer.
  • Lift Handles make transport of melter kettle a breeze.


  •  Fluid Capacity – 30 Gallons
  • Kettle Steel Thickness – 14 Gauge
  • Assembled Dimensions – 48.6″ x 24.8″ x 37.7″
  • Empty Weight – 257 lbs / 116.8 kg
  • Max Capacity Weight – 551 lbs / 250.4 kg
  • Fuel Type – Propane
  • Max Fuel Pressure – 5 psi
  • Burner Type – Dual 50,000 BTU/hr Cast Iron Sealed Burners
  • Valve Type – 2″ Molasses Valve
  • Agitation Type – Manual

Additional information

Weight 122470 g
Dimensions 101.6 × 40.64 × 96.52 cm


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