RY10 PRO Crack Fill Melter & Applicator Machine

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The RY10MA-PRO-V4 Professional Crack Fill Melter Applicator’s patented design uses up to 50% less fuel than traditional melter applicators. It also features cutting edge innovations like the RynoValve™, Adjustable Controls, and on-the-fly agitation.


  • 12.5 Gallon Fluid Capacity
  • Kettle Made w/ 14 Gauge Steel
  • Assembled Dimensions – 46.3″ x 26.6″ x 48.8″
  • Empty Weight – 159 lbs / 72.1 kg
  • Max Capacity Weight – 281.5 lbs / 127.7 kgs
  • Max Fuel Pressure – 5 PSI
  • Burner Type – 50,000 BTU / hr Sealed Cast Iron Burner
  • 1.25″ Rynovalve
  • On-the-fly Agitation



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RY10MA-V3 is a Productive Crack Filling Machine

  • Melts crack sealant up to 50% faster than torch-fired models and allows you to apply up to 4,800 feet of crack filler per day.
  • RynoValve™ requires virtually no preheating time and is ready to use as soon as you have hot sealant in the kettle, saving you time between jobs

Reliability & Ease of Use

  • The enclosed burner design is shielded from the elements and virtually eliminates flame-outs caused by wind, which are common to torch-fired models.
  • Two solid front casters allow the operator to maneuver over slanted surfaces with increased stability.
  • No more wasting time searching for a striker, lighter or matches. Starting a melter has never been easier with our push button electric ignition.
  • Side-by-side controls, which include on-the-fly agitation, help the operator control agitation, flow, the application of material, and view and adjust temperature, all without leaving the operating position

Safety Features

  • Fully equipped with CSA / UL approved regulator and fuel lines provide precise control over fuel flow and kettle temperature.
  • Handlebars are adjustable from 35″- 42″–optimize valve squeeze distance and spring tensions to reduce operator fatigue

Who is the Rynoworx RY10MA-Pro-V4 Recommended For?

Contractors who are serious about production,  and increasing profits through efficiency. 

Why Should You Consider The RY10MA Pro Over The Standard Rynoworx Models?

The modest price difference over the base models is well worth it for any contractor doing regular crack fill work. The upfront cost increase will easily be made back in a short period of time. The Rynoworx RY10 Pro will save you time, energy and ultimately make you a lot more money over time.

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Weight 81650 g
Dimensions 99 × 120 × 51 cm


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