Road Marking Supplies in Canada

We stock a wide variety of road marking supplies including pavement stencils, traffic paint, line painting machines, durable cold plastic, preformed thermoplastic and 3m road marking products. We don’t stock all of the 3m road marking products, but we are an approved vendor. If there is any 3m products you would like, but don’t see here we can special order it for you , just reach out via phone or through our contact form.

Waterborne & Solvent Based Traffic Paint

We stock 5 gallon pails of ISP traffic paint which is great for parking lot jobs, parkades, warehouses, and is also approved for Alberta Roads.  We can only accommodate small volume projects, and do not sell paint totes.  

For your convenience we also sell reusable Pavement Stencils for highways, and parking lots. 

Road marking paint is specially designed to have a high adhesion to asphalt & concrete surfaces.  With heavy traffic and harsh environmental conditions in mind, traffic paint is also is made to have a higher abrasion resistance compared to other types of paint.  Lastly, road marking paint dries faster than other types of paint, so it can be driven on shortly after application.

MMA / Durable Cold Plastic

Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) / Durable Cold Plastic is a longer lasting solution to standard traffic paint. It is flexible, UV-stable. It can be applied to asphalt as well as concrete. MMA is unique because the formulation of the product has a catalyst that creates a strong chemical bond to the surface, making it highly durable and long lasting.  Cold plastic can be applied as both an inlaid product as well as surface applied. Glass bead is typically added after application for increased retroflectivity. 

Preformed Thermoplastic Pavement Markings

Preformed thermoplasic are highly durable just as traditional thermoplastic, but they are much easier to install. They are great for improved durability over symbols painted with standard traffic paint.  Disabled  parking lot symbols, arrows, and bike symbols are some of the more common preformed products. Application is quick and easy, however primer, and a special propane torch is needed to install preformed thermoplastic symbols.

3M Pavement Marking Tape

3M makes both temporarily and durable pavement marking tapes. Temporary markings are highly reflective, and a great option for making safer temporary work zones. Road marking tape can be applied to both concrete and asphalt surfaces. 

3M Raised Pavement Markers

3M Raised Pavement Markers are commonly used to temporarly mark work zones, permanent gore markings, ramps, curbs, and lines. They are made in both 1-way and 2-way options, and come in a many colors, although white and yellow are most commonly used. They can be applied on both concrete and asphalt surfaces.  3M Diamond Grade Reflective Elements give the markers excellent reflectivity in both wet and dry conditions for maximum visibility. They can be inlaid as well as surface applied.