Pavement Marking Stencils

Parking Lot Stencils

Painting common parking lot symbols like disabled parking symbols, no parking, etc. is a breeze with our premium parking lot stencils. Check our the full selection of road marking stencils for parking lots.

Bike Lane Stencils

We manufacture our high quality LDPE pavement stencils in Edmonton, Alberta and offer both local pickup and shipping anywhere in Canada.

Traffic Stencils

We can make pavement marking stencils for both municipal, and highway traffic symbols. We have stencils for traffic arrows, Canadian Highway Lettering Stencils, Round About, chevrons, shark teeth and more. We can also custom make stencils for any specification.

Parking Lot Maintenance Supplies -The Essentials

Traffic Paint

We have traffic paint in stock!
Both Waterborne & Solvent based options are available in yellow, white, black and blue colors. We also offer other pavement marking options such as cold plastic, traffic tape, and preformed thermoplastic.


Parking Lot Bollards & Bollard Covers

Still wasting time and money repainting your bollards each year? Stop the madness. A durable bollard cover will make your bollards look new again, and they are impact resistant which means they last for years.  For replacement options



Asphalt Maintenance Supplies

We’ve got all you need to quickly repair potholes, and fill cracks with no experience. Our cold patch pothole repair is affordable and easy to use. A must to have on hand to repair asphalt after harsh Canadian winters. Easy to use cold pour crack filler is also great to have on hand to protect your asphalt parking lot. 

Flexible Sign Posts & Bollards

Protect your customers vehicles and your property at the same time with an impact resistant signFlexPost, or flexible bollard. We also stock a full range of traditional sign hardware, to repair or replace any damaged parking lot signs.


Popular Asphalt Maintenance Products

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