With FlexPost your signs are protected from damage by vehicles so you can avoid expensive replacement due to accidental impact to sign posts. We are an authorized distributor of FlexPost flexible sign posts in Canada.

Is FlexPost Worth The Extra Money?

FlexPost is an innovative product designed to address the issue of sign posts having to be replaced due to impact from vehicles. In busy parking lots it is really not a question of if your sign post will get hit, but more than likely it is a question of when it will need to be repaired. If you factor in the cost to procure a new sign post, and the cost to have it installed, you will quickly conclude that this is not something you want to continue to waste time and money with. The cost of FlexPost is definitely more up front, however making that investment will definitely save you money, and valuable time over and over again. 

What Options are available For FlexPost Sign Posts?

FlexPost comes in a variety of styles, sizes and mounting options.

All of the Flex Post products can be installed on pavement, concrete, grass or gravel. You choose the mounting option for your sign, and the correct hardware will be sent for your application. We offer installation services for sign posts in Edmonton & Surrounding Areas. Roadly is an authorized distributor of FlexPost in Canada.