Traffic Paint, Road Marking & Parking Lot Paint

Our Traffic Paint is manufactured right here in Alberta Canada. It is an Alberta Transportation approved product durable enough for highway and municipal painted pavement markings.  We manufacture both waterborne & solvent based traffic paint products and can deliver anywhere in Canada.

Waterborne Traffic Paint

Waterborne traffic paint is an environmentally friendly product, and is formulated to hold up over time on Canadian roads and parking lots. With more and more focus on environmental impact waterborne paint has increased in popularity, and over time has become the choice for many counties, contractors and property managers for road marking paint. One big bonus of waterborne paint is that it is easier to flush in line painting machines.  All that is required is water to clean the machines and flush the lines, which means no dealing with harsh chemicals.

Low VOC Solvent Traffic Paint

Solvent traffic paint have been a tried and true product for years for painting parking lots, municipal roads, and highway road coatings. The one standout advantage of solvent pavement paint is that it can be applied in slightly colder temperatures down to 0 degrees Celsius. 

Whether you are painting your parking lot, city roads, ball field, warehouse, airport runway, or applying temp paint for construction projects, either waterborne or solvent paint will work well. If you are painting in colder temps you may want to consider opting for solvent paint. 

Roadly currently sells traffic paint in 5 gallon pails. Available in single pails or by the pallet.  We also stock inverted spray cans for pre-marking roads.