Certified instruments


DSGS – German Research Association for Road Markings
Certificate No. 0913-2014-04 – MiniReflecto Horizontal


The All-Russian Institute for Optical and Physical Measurements Federal State Unitary Enterprise.
Certificate No. 72744-18 – MiniReflecto Horizont


The new MINI is smart, light and robust. It is time to forget the old dinosaur’s technology.

android icon
Android interface

Android smartphone bluetooth interface (optional).



Light and small handheld instrument: only 2.1 kg and very compact dimensions.


Remote Control

Ergonomic operation and wireless remote control.


Fast Readings

Fast readings : RL and Qd in 1 second


External Beam

Measurement of RL and Qd with External beam technology (allows RL-2 rain tests)



The new MINI can make around 8000 sequential measurements per battery charge. The MINI uses standard AA size batteries that are easy to and to replace at any time.


Airplane carry-on

Exclusive Airplane carry-on luggage compatible carrying case – dimensions sum less than 100 cm.


Profiled marker

Works with up to 15 mm profiled markers.



Our instruments are certified to EN1436


It is time to forget the BIG and HEAVY old technology horizontal retroreflectometers.

Use your intelligence.





Standard Delivery

Technical Specification

The new MiniReflecto Horizontal measures the night visibility (RL), the Day Visibility (Qd), the visibility under wet (RL wet) and continuous wetting conditions (RL-2 rain) of road markings.

With repeatability of 2% and reproducibility of 5% the new MINI can make around 8000 sequential measurements per battery charge. The MINI uses standard AA size batteries –  easy to find and to replace at any time.

MINI weights is less than 2.1 kg – with AA batteries – and the size is very compact (255 mm x 160 mm x 220 mm). Those values are nearly half of the old technology competitors.

The MINI retroreflectometer for road markings meets all standards:

  • 30-meter by ASTM E1710 and EN1436 for RL (88.76° / 1.05°).
  • ASTM E2302 and EN1436 for Qd (2.29° ).
  • ASTM E2177 and EN1436 for RLwet.
  • ASTM E2832 and EN1436 for Continuous Wetting RL-2 .
  • 15-meter by NBR14723 (86.5° / 1.5° ). (optional)

The MiniReflecto uses LED technology, which makes the instrument almost maintenance-free and energy efficient. The innovative patent pending optical system is in accordance with CIE V( ʎ ) specifications, enabling accurate measuring of all colors and types of road markings – even profiled up to 15 mm.

Tilt meter

Indicates the gradient (tilt) of the floor plane.

LCD Sun Readable

Color transflective (sun readable) LCD with touchscreen.

Car adapter

Battery charger compatible with car cigarette lighter adapter (12 V).


User removable SDCard (8 GB). The instrument can store more than 1.000.000 measurements.


Temperatude & Humidity


Ergonomic Kit









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Product Catalog

MiniReflecto Manual

Carrying case Airplane carry-on compatible.
Calibration standard
Battery charger Universal 85V/ 265V | 50-60Hz | AC
USB communication cable
User manual
Software EasyData for Windows
Certificate of calibration
Certificate of manufacturer
Car cigarette lighter adapter

General Characteristics

Illumination angle 1.24° (88.76°)
Observation angle 2.29° (1.05°)

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the MINI technology

Question 1: Can I see the MINI measurement area ?

The MINI horizontal is a arrangement B device: The
illuminated are is the measured area
. A darkened
room will demonstrate the illuminated area and
importance of placement and ” aiming ” of the MINI.

The MINI optical arrangement B (ASTM E1710) is
advantageous in the sense that it leads to less variation
of the measured value with small tilts of the
retroreectometer that are unavoidable in practical eld

Question 2: Should I send my MINI back to factory for calibration ?

Each Easylux instrument by itself does not need re-calibration or special services unless damaged by external factors. To ensure reliable measurements, periodic checking or replacement of the instrument reference standard is recommended. Please contact or your local distributor to know more about how to replace the calibration standards .

In case of MiniReflecto Horizontal the ceramic reference can be checked independently with a special Easylux Calibration Kit (sold separately).

Question 3: How many measurements can I do with new charged batteries ? Can I use any model of AA-size battery?

Full charged batteries will provide more than 8000 consecutive measurements. You should use AA-size rechargeable batteries with at least 2300 mAh. A fully charged brand new battery will make around 8000 consecutive measurements. If the number of measurements falls much below, it is time to replace it.

Question 4: How long is the charging time of the batteries ?

The multi-voltage power adapter and the vehicle power adapter will recharge the batteries within 8 hours. With 4 hours it is possible to get around 4000 consecutive measurements. For fast recharging, a third-party external AA battery charger can be used. Never leave the batteries uncharged for too long.

Question 5: Can I change the battery myself ?

Yes. The MINI uses 6 units of AA-size battery. Just remove the back battery cover to access the batteries.

Question 6: Should I calibrate the MINI every day?

Yes. It is recommended to calibrate the MINI at least once a day, after recharging the batteries, before starting to work, and after a significant temperature change.

Question 7: Does the sun affect the measurements?

No. The MINI is completely immune to solar light or any kind of external light (indoor lamps and road lamps).

Question 8: Can I check the retroreflectivity in wet conditions (ASTM E2177) or in continuous wetting ASTM E2832 RL-2 procedure ?

Yes. You can work without any attachments or modifications.

The MINI for road marking is an external beam instrument. It is completely immune to solar light or any kind of external light.

Question 9: Can the MINI records GPS coordinates?

It is stored for every measurement. The GPS synchronization could take from 3 to 10 minutes after power on. The MINI should be under open sky to get the GPS coordinates . The GPS is an optional item.

Question 10: Has it options to store user, place, and additional information about the place or material under test like stripe type, color, special notes, etc... ?

The MiniReflecto implements a LOG file system that can be used to organize your measurements.

When a new LOG is created, the user is asked for the following:

  • LOG alias Name;
  • Road Name;
  • Starting milestone;
  • Operator’s name;
  • Direction (north, south, east, west);
  • Material type (Paint, Thermoplastic, Epoxy, etc.);
  • Special NOTE.
Question 11: Can the MINI for road markings work with high intensity materials over 2000 mcd.m−2 .lx−1 ?

Yes. The MINI horizontal can reach 4000 mcd.m−2 .lx−1

Question 12: What is the memory capacity?

All data are stored into a removable SDCARD. A standard 8GB can store over 1.000.000 measurements.

Question 13: Can MINI meets EN1436 and ASTM E1710 ? There is any independent test of compliance ?

The MINI is full compatible with EN1436 and ASTM E1710 standards. It was approved by an independent test laboratory StrAusZert (Germany). Test Certificate No. 0913 − 2014-04.







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Measurement area 58 x 350 mm
Spectral responsivity CIE V (λ) adapted. Illuminant (A)
Repeatability 2 %
Reproducibility 5 %
Measurement range RL: 0 – 4000 mcd.m-².lx-¹ Qd : 0 – 400 mcd.m-².lx-¹
Profiled markings -1 to 15 mm
Measurement time 0.7 s RL + 0.3 s Qd (1 s RL + Qd)
Memory Stores more than 1.000.000 readings
Display Color / Sun readable (transflective) / Touch Screen
Battery Standard AA rechargeable (6 units)
Detector Responsivity Phototopic CIE V(k) (ASTM E1710/ EN1436)
Night time CIE ASTM 6628 Optional
Colour measurement Optional
Printer Optional
GPS Optional
Remote control Optional
Adjustable handle Optional
Temperature and Humidity