MINI Horizontal

The new MiniReflecto Horizontal measures the night visibility (RL), the Day Visibility (Qd), the visibility under wet (RL wet) and continuous wetting conditions (RL-2 rain) of road markings.

With repeatability of 2% and reproducibility of 5% the new MINI can make around 8000 sequential measurements per battery charge. The MINI uses standard AA size batteries –  easy to find and to replace at any time.

MINI weights is less than 2.1 kg – with AA batteries – and the size is very compact (255 mm x 160 mm x 220 mm). Those values are nearly half of the old technology competitors.

The MINI retroreflectometer for road markings meets all standards:

  • 30-meter by ASTM E1710 and EN1436 for RL (88.76° / 1.05°).
  • ASTM E2302 and EN1436 for Qd (2.29° ).
  • ASTM E2177 and EN1436 for RLwet.
  • ASTM E2832 and EN1436 for Continuous Wetting RL-2 .
  • 15-meter by NBR14723 (86.5° / 1.5° ). (optional)

The MiniReflecto uses LED technology, which makes the instrument almost maintenance-free and energy efficient. The innovative patent pending optical system is in accordance with CIE V( ʎ ) specifications, enabling accurate measuring of all colors and types of road markings – even profiled up to 15 mm.


General Characteristics

Illumination angle 1.24° (88.76°)
Observation angle 2.29° (1.05°)
Measurement area 58 x 350 mm
Spectral responsivity CIE V (λ) adapted. Illuminant (A)
Repeatability 2 %
Reproducibility 5 %
Measurement range RL: 0 – 4000 mcd.m-².lx-¹  Qd : 0 – 400 mcd.m-².lx-¹
Profiled markings -1 to 15 mm
Measurement time 0.7 s RL + 0.3 s Qd (1 s RL + Qd)
Memory Stores more than 1.000.000 readings
Display Color / Sun readable (transflective) / Touch Screen
Battery Standard AA rechargeable (6 units)
Detector Responsivity Phototopic CIE V(k) (ASTM E1710/ EN1436)
Night time CIE ASTM 6628 Optional
Colour measurement Optional
Printer Optional
GPS Optional
Remote control Optional
Adjustable handle Optional
Temperature and Humidity Built-in.
Certification EN1436 StrAusZert No. 0913-2014-04 (European)
Certification EN1436/ASTM E1710 VINIIOFI BR.C.37.003.A No.71521 (Russian)
Working temperature -10°C to +50°C
Warranty 2 years


Length 255 mm (without Qd)
Width 155 mm
Height 170 mm

(With batteries)
2.1 kg

(With carrying case)
6 kg
Carrying Case dimensions 470 mm x 310 mm x 250 mm


EN1436 For RL and Qd
ASTM E1710 For RL
ASTM E2177 For RL wet
ASTM E2832 For RL rain
ASTM E2302 For Qd
Gost R54809-2011
NOM 034- SCT2-2011
EN 13197
JT/T 690
GB/T 16311
GB/T 21383
DB 51 T2429
CIE 54.2
Restriction of hazardous substances (RoHS): Directive 2011/65/EU of 8-June-2011
Waste Electrical and eletronic Equipment (WEEE): Directive 2002/96/EC of 27-January-2003.
15-meters (optional)
Illumination angle 3.5°
Observation angle 1.5°



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