CQF-1H Asphalt Emulsion


CQF-1H is a fast drying pavement sealer designed to protect and beautify asphalt pavement residential and commercial applications.


CQF-1H is an asphalt emulsion specially formulate to be used in Fog Seal techniques. It reduces the life
cycle cost of the pavement structure by reducing oxidization. It seals narrow cracks, slightly restore lost
flexibility to the pavement surface and provides a deep and rich pavement surface color. It can also reduce
early chip loss. Application rates depends on the existing pavement, but range between 0.4 – 0.67 L/m2.


  • Quick setting emulsion.
  • Reduces oxidization of pavement surfaces.
  • Seals narrow cracks.
  • Provides rich and deep color to the pavement surface.
  • Provides economical methods for pavement preservation and maintenance.
  • Reduces Chip Loss.
  • Provides contrast for pavement markings.

***CQF-1H is available in 1000L totes for larger projects Contact Us to request a price


Test on Emulsion (ASTM Specification)

Test on EmulsionTest MethodMinMax
Viscosity SFS @ 77 F, sASTM D8815100
Residue, w %, min.ASTM 699757-
Sieve, w% maxASTM 6933-0.1%
Oil Distillate, w% maxASTM 6997-2%
24 hr storage, w% ASTM D6930-1%

Test on Residue

Test on ResidueTest MethodMinMax
Penetration @ 77F, minASTM D525125
Solubility, w%, minASTM D204297.5-
Ductility, cm, min ASTM D11340-


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Asphalt emulsions should be stored in tall vertical tanks to minimize surface area, making sure that prior contents are chemically compatible.

Do not allow asphalt emulsions to be frozen or boiled: the product will present phase separation.

Storage Tank: 50°C to 60°C

Application temperature: 50°C to 85 °C

Asphalt emulsions should be mixed weekly by low-shear equipment, such as slow paddle mixer, slow centrifugal pump or loose gear pump. Do not bubble air to agitate: the foam created may lead to phase separation.