Hot Pour Crack Filler Bricks

We carry hot pour crack filler that is meant for Canadian climates. Designed to perform and last in our cold winters.

  • Best suited for parking lots & airports
  • Quick dry time. Reduces down time
  • Easy to apply
  • Works in all direct fire kettles

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Leaving cracks unchecked can dramatically reduce the overall lifespan of asphalt parking lots and roads. Water can seep into cracks, and erode the base of the asphalt causing potholes.  Rubberized crack filler is cost effective, easy to apply product that extends the life of your asphalt surfaces saving a lot of money in the long run. Sealing cracks with crack sealer can be done by multiple methods however we recommend hot pour crack sealing bricks as they are a more durable product than cold pour crack filler. Crack filling bricks can be melted in any of our Rynoworx melter / applicator carts, or melters.

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