Number Stencil Set – 36″


Our 36″ Number Stencil Set comes with a complete set of numbers 0-9 so you can paint precise markings of any combination of numbers. Common uses for these letter stencils are for painted parking stall markings, warehouse floor markings, wall markings, and concrete columns in parkades.  Our number stencils come in either standard or with our puzzle fit interlocking system which allows you to click together any letter / number combination so the stencils do not shift out of place when moving them.

  • LDPE stencil material is easy to clean
  • Designed for perfect even spacing between each letter
  • Made in Canada – Support Local!


How to Choose The Right Stencil Material? 

3.25 mm (Contractor Grade LDPE) – This is our most popular grade of stencil material because it is designed for multi use for up to 10 years with normal use.

2 mm (Light Duty LDPE Stencils) – This material is great if you do not plan on needing to re-use over and over again. It is thinner and more flimsy so it not as nice to work with.  It is still a longer-lasting option than single-use cardboard or the cheap pvc / mylar options out there, it just won’t last as long as the 3.25mm option.

*** We can custom cut stencils in any font or size. If you have any special requests please contact us for a quote.


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3.25 mm (Contractor Grade), 2 mm (Light Duty)


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