Magnesium Asphalt Lutes


Available in Plain, Blunt, & Sharp Options

  • Durable lightweight magnesium head
  • Combination lute rake
  • Aluminum handle
  • All parts are easily replaceable
  • Comes with 7 ft. handle
  • 3″ x 36″ rake




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Asphalt Lute Rakes are designed to smooth and level fresh asphalt aggregate prior to compaction.

Even though we offer several lute rake designs, we are highlighting this asphalt lute rake as our most popular 36″ Sharp Rake which includes a 7′ braced aluminum handle.

This Asphalt Lute Rake is a combination¬†Mag Lute¬†allowing you to “Smooth” with one side and “Rake” with the other and has Sharp Teeth.

We also offer Lutes in 32″ widths, and you can choose your Lute Rakes to come sharp, blunt or plain depending on your specific need

Additional information

Weight 2725 g
Dimensions 219 × 21 × 21 cm
Lute Style

Plain, Blunt, Sharp


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