Line Painters Startup Pro

Everything you need to start your line painting business in one package.


  • Powrliner 4955 Line Striping Machine
  • 4x Yellow, 2x Blue High Quality Road Marking Paint (5 gallons each)
  • Handicap Stall Stencil
  • Arrow Stencils
  • No Parking Stencils
  • Reserved Stencils
  • Fire Lane Stencil
  • Visitor Stencil
  • Curb Overspray Guard
  • EV Stall Guard

All stencils are made with re-usable high grade LDPE plastic

  • Easy to clean
  • Re-usable
  • Last 3-5 years with standard commercial use
  • Flexible & roll for easy storage
  • 3.25 mm thick for lasting durability


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