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Our guarding systems are modular and expandable to meet protection needs. With our cast-iron SlowStop® elbow, tee, and cross-shaped tubular joints, we can easily configure custom guarding such as u-shaped brackets, safety railings, protection buffers, fences, and guardrail systems. Our flexible polycarbonate guardrail mounts to our SlowStop® bollards to create virtually unbreakable barriers.

Our IronFlex SlowStop® horseshoe bollards have twice the stopping power of single rebounding bollards. They consist of two rebounding bollard pedestals with steel pipes and connectors to create a horseshoe bollard. This is ideally suited to protect confined areas.

Recommended Uses: Column protection, pedestrian protection, rack and equipment guarding, and access denial.

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Color:  RAL 1023 Traffic Yellow with RAL 9003 Black Connectors

Diameter:  3” (2.5” ANSI Schedule 40)

Overall Height:  36″ to Top Centerline

Product Weight:  97 lb

Energy Absorption:  6,484 joules / 4,780 ft-lb

Temperature Rating:  -40°F – 150°F

Pipe Coating:  60 µm Galvanized +150 µm Polyester Outdoor Powder Coating

Cast Iron Coating:  Environmentally Friendly Water-based E-Coat + Polyester Outdoor Powder Coating

Set Screws:  M12

Anchor Screws:  Eight (8) 5/8” x 5-1/2” Concrete

Cap:  None



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