10 Steps Towards Safer Parking Lots

Painted Parking Lot Markings

10 Steps Towards Safer Parking Lots

Parking lots are an essential aspect of modern commercial and retail spaces, it is crucial to ensure that they are safe for everyone who uses them. In addition to promoting customer and employee safety, a secure parking area can enhance customer satisfaction and potentially boost repeat business. You may increase both your company’s revenue and customer and employee safety by taking the required measures to make your parking lot safer. Here are five actions that can be taken to create a safer atmosphere in parking lots.


Maintain Parking Spaces That Are Clearly Defined With Pavement Markings

Parking spaces that are clearly marked might assist prevent accidents in a commercial parking lot. Ensure that all locations, including spaces for people with disabilities, fire lanes, reserved parking spots, curbside pickup, and areas for loading and unloading, are properly designated. 


With the help of a line painting machine, quality traffic paint, and parking lot stencils, this task can be done whenever needed by any DIY business owner, or contractor. 



Proper Signage


Proper signage is essential for safety in a parking lot, in addition to clearly delineated parking areas. All parking lot signs should be clearly visible, pointing out handicap stalls, no parking, fire lane, EV parking, curbside pickup, exits, entrances, and other crucial places of the parking area.


It is a good idea to consider flexible sign posts to reduce the potential for damage to vehicles, and the costs associated with replacing damaged signs. Another popular option of flexible signs  is a highly visible flexible bollard with the sign post mounted to it. These are a great way to create a parking area that stands out for handicap stalls, and for curbside pickup. It’s a great way to beautify, brand your parking lot, and limit damage to your customers vehicles. 

Asphalt Maintenance


Regular parking lot maintenance and repairs are necessary to keep it in good condition and to help prevent accidents. This entails routine maintenance such as annual sweeping, crack filling, patching potholes, and repainting faded lines. Debris and rubbish in the parking lot should constantly be removed because they might lead to accidents and present a less-than-professional image. Seal coating is also a good consideration, as it prolongs the life of your asphalt, and it seals the surface to reduce cracking, and potholes. 

Speed Bump and Other Traffic Calming Devices


By reducing speed in the parking lot, rubber speed bumps and other traffic calming devices can help make it safer for both drivers and pedestrians. Installing these precautions in places where accidents are most likely to happen is a good idea. Speed bumps also aid in reducing  parking lot deterioration, and extending the lifespan of the asphalt.

Adequate Lighting


Adequate Lighting: Good lighting is essential for keeping people safe in parking lots. Make sure the parking lot is well-lit at night, and think about adding more lighting to any particularly gloomy spots. This will make it simpler for drivers and pedestrians, as well as reduce illegal conduct. 

Secure Your Parking Lot With Cameras


Security cameras can help prevent criminal behaviour in  parking lots and offer a record of any criminal occurrences that take place. This is crucial not only for security but also in the event that there are any liability concerns or accidents in the parking lot. Additionally, be sure to have functional cameras that capture all angles.

Security Patrols


Having a security presence in the parking lot can help deter crime and provide consumers and employees peace of mind. Think about paying a security firm to walk the lot frequently.

Parking Lot Emergency Call Boxes


In the event of an emergency, anyone in the parking lot can quickly and easily call for assistance using an emergency call box. Consider placing these at key spots across the entire property. This is crucial for big parking lots since it makes it simple for someone who might be lost or in need of help.

Trained Employees

Maintaining a secure parking lot requires effective employee training. Ensure that every employee is aware of how to handle security concerns, respond to accidents, and other critical safety issues. Trained employees will be able to determine any asphalt maintenance issues early before they become a costly problem for stakeholders, and customers.

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