Smart Sense Contactless Crossing
Smartsense Touchless Crossing Activation
Touchless Button

SmartSense Touchless Crossing Activation

Helps to Reduce The Spread of COVID in Our Communities

  • Simply wave hand in front of sensor to activate crossing.
  • Eliminates the spread of germs, viruses, and bacteria from outdated push buttons.
  • Allows for simple crossing activation even when pedestrians hands are full.
  • Retrofits to existing push button or can be installed as a standalone pole mounted sensor.
  • Quickly and easily retrofit existing buttons

The SmartSense™ sign mechanism mounts in a compatible push button station, or to a pole near existing push button devices. When pedestrians reach out to press the button, the proximity sensor detects the pedestrian’s action and engages the touchless mechanism to the call signal, and then to the crosswalk controller before pedestrian contact with the button/switch.



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