Preformed Thermoplastic Bicycle Lane Symbol

    • Preformed Thermoplastic markings are skid resistant and highly reflective
    • Glass Beads are evenly distributed throughout
    • Can be installed in any temperature
    • Preformed Thermoplastic is designed for use in heavy traffic locations


More and more municipalities are looking for ways to reduce their carbon foot print. Rather than apply painted markings every year, many are exploring the benefits of easy to install preformed thermoplastic markings.  Preformed markings are applied in 3 easy steps.

  1. Clean Surface, and remove moisture with a propane fueled heat torch.
  2. Place Thermoplastic in desired location (in some scenarios primer should be applied prior to application)
  3. Apply heat with torch according to manufactures specifications. (Ennis-Flint® 3000 EX or equivalent propane fueled torch with pressure regulator and 25 ft. hose)


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