HedgeHog Crack Cleaner

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Hedgehog Lawn Edger with Crack Cleaning Kit – 6.5 HP 196 CC Engine

Power through dirt, gravel, and vegetation growing asphalt cracks. With the Hedgehog crack cleaner prepping for your crack fill jobs is a breeze.


  • 8″ twisted steel brush cleans between 20′ to 60′ of cracks per minute
  • Large fuel tank reduces refueling down-time
  • Adjustable depth and cutting angles
  • Adjustable curb-hopping wheel


  • Long-lasting and dependable 6.5 Hp 4-stroke engine
  • 90 day commercial-use manufacturer’s warranty


  • Ergonomic starter, depth control, and engine kill switch
  • Simple wheel height adjustments
  • Quickly change between lawn edging and crack cleaning
  • Uses standard HedgeHog wire wheels


  • Automatic handle-bar-mounted kill switch for added safety and fuel savings unit is unattended
  • Integrated blade guard
  • 4-wheel design for improved stability


  • Cutting Depth 0 – 3″ (0 –76mm)
  • Blade Diameter 9″ / 228mm
  • Engine Specifications 196 cc displacement 6.5 hp / 8.8 ft-lbs torque
  • Wheel Specifications 15-degree dual direction bevel 6″ adjustable wheel height for curb
  • Weight 71 lbs / 32 kg
  • Product Dimensions 45″ d x 19″ w x 39.5″ h
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Make the task of filling crack easier and more precise with a Rynoworx Crack Filling Pour Pot. The ergonomic design allows you to precisely fill cracks at walking speed.  Having a pour pot comes in handy when working in tight spaces that are challenging with a melter / applicator. With the pour pot you can easily fill cracks in corners and tight spaces with accuracy. 


Pour Pot Features

How to Use Pour Pot to Fill Cracks

  1. Pour your crack filler into the pot. 
  2. Start the flow of material with the fingertip control valve.
  3. Begin walking forward following the crack with the spout.
  4. Control the amount of material with the valve or by adjusting your walking speed to ensure the crack fills up. 
  5. Wait for material to dry or use fly-ash to speed the process up and stop tracking of unset material.
  6. Heat the pour pot with a torch, and open the orifice to melt away the excess crack filler.
*** If you plan on doing multiple jobs a year you should consider a crack seal melter / applicator to reduce the time, and energy spent on jobs, and increase profitability. 

Additional information

Weight 32000 g
Dimensions 121 × 61 × 61 cm


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