We stock parking lot supplies for all your parking lot repair and maintenance project. Our product line includes flexible bollards, Bollard Covers, Parking Lot Signs, Flexpost bollards and sign posts, line paint, pothole repair cold mix, crack filler, and seal coat.

How Flexible Sign Post Bollards Eliminate Vehicle Damage

If you are a property manager or property owner, you know that accidents happen far more often than you would like causing damage to your patrons vehicles, and your signage from vehicles bumping into them. It’s really not a question of if it will happen, but when it will happen. Then you are stuck dealing with angry customers, and replacing bent or broken signs. What a waste of time and money!

There is a better solution out there. FlexPost flexible bollards bend when impacted eliminating the damage to both your patrons cars, but also the bollard or sign itself. This product is a must for property managers who are tired of dealing with sign post or bollard replacement. 

Flexible Sign Post Bollards Canada - Impact Resistant Bollards & Signs

We stock and ship all of the impact resistant FlexPost products anywhere in Canada. FlexPost makes a variety of options for your parking lot needs. 

Flexible Bollards – This option is great to block off high impact areas and protect walls, transformers or to block vehicle entry. Flexpost bollards come in 2 sizes, and a variety of colors. The spring loaded base gives feed back to the driver so they will stop and correct without damaging the vehicle or whatever the bollard is protecting.

Flexible Sign Posts – The FlexPost is designed to absorb the impact of vehicles by bending when contact is made with the vehicle. The sign post springs back to upright position when the vehicle backs up, saving the drivers vehicle, as well as your sign all while avoiding the hassles of costly replacement. 

Flexible Sign Post & Bollard Combo – These Flexible Bollard Sign Posts are great for areas where you want to draw attention to the sign, and offer greater projection to vehicles. You will often see these installed for curbside pickup options. 

Flexible Parking Lot Stall Post – If smaller sign posts are required in front of parking stalls the FlexPost-SM Channelizer Post is your best bet. They look great in on stalls in front of a building, and protect your storefront. 

Rubber Parking Curbs Are Superior To Concrete Wheel Stops

Many smart property managers, or business owners are making the switch to rubber curb stops or more commonly referred to as rubber parking curbs, and with good reason.  They are affordable, easier to move, and replace if needed, and more durable. Our rubber wheel stops are made from recycled material and are designed to take impact without breaking. This is a huge advantage over concrete which is know to chip and crack over time. 

Are Flexpost, Bollards, & Parking Curbs Easy to Install?

All of our parking lot maintenance / protection products are fairly straight forward to install. We stock our bollards, flexible sign posts and parking curbs right here in Edmonton, Alberta Canada.  We offer local installation service in Edmonton, Sherwood Park, St. Albert, Spruce Grove, Leduc & Fort Saskatchewan get your install quote by filling out our contact form